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This website contains explicit sexual video and images of naked men engaging in gay and bisexual sex acts. HornyBoy includes photo and video depictions of men engaging in autofellatio, selfsucking and hardcore gay sexual activity. You must leave now if you are offended by this material, or if you are under the legal age in your community, or if it is illegal to view or possess adult sexual material in your jurisdiction.
Site Reviews

May '11 | Rated Male
"Cute, horny boys and good quality stuff all around make this self-sucking and masturbation focused site an absolute must-see!"
Mar '11 | The Best Porn
"Apparently the art of autofellatio isn't restricted only to rib removing rock stars. HornyBoy features guys giving themselves blowjobs and eating their own cum..."
Feb '11 | ReviewPorn
"There is a lot to get through, there is a lot to see and do at HornyBoy, and if you don't come away from the site horny and yet satisfied, then there is no pleasing you..."
Jan '11 | GayDemon
"There's also a good amount of gay sex action, but to me the bottom line - if you want to see amateur boys with their mouths filled with their own dicks, this site really delivers..."
May '10 | BananaGuide
"We love the idea of a site that celebrates self-pleasure: sometimes it's very hot to just stay home and have a kinky fuck-fest with yourself even if you can't suck your own dick..."
Nov '09 | Ben's Gay Reviews
"You’ve got a perverted Aladdin’s cave of content at HornyBoy with the ancient and enviable art of self-sucking at the heart of it. Good quality.Self-suck originals..."
Dec '08 | Brad's Reviews
"Those who can do, and those who can’t sign up to HornyBoy and watch those who can, doing it. Self-sucking that is.There is more than autofellatio going on in the neatly..."
Mar '08 | Just Us Boys
"Finally I've found a site that delivers on its promises, knows its niche, produces its own content and then goes even further to bring its members value for money...."
Feb 08 | HOES.com
"This site has a whole hell of a lot of stuff. Everything to tickle that little fancy of yours (pun intended). You can download from over the 160+ videos.You can watch the cartoons..."
Aug '07 | SexHerald
"Gay contortionists rejoice! Autofellatio (the art and science of self-sucking), at first glance, looks like the perfect answer to the high cost of dating, the embarrassment of messy..."
Apr '07 | Rabbit's REVIEWS
"HornyBoy offers something a bit different than other sites do. Besides being filled with typical young, smooth twinks and muscular jocks that you can get anywhere, most of its scenes..."
Mar '07 | PornInspector
"HornyBoy is better than simple rub and tug masturbation. It is full of amazingly unique photos and videos that you won’t find on every site under the sun..."
Dec '06 | Pam's Reviews
"After having reviewed many sites, it's always a treat to come across one which truly stands out from the rest I'm always happy when I can report that this website gets a PERFECT..."
Apr '06 | Sir Randy's
"While there is plenty of self-sucking at HornyBoy, there's also a great deal more to sink your teeth into than young studs simply going down on themselves..."
Mar '06 | StarrFucker
"I think even if self-sucking is not your main interest you will still get off on the twinkalicious sexiness (yeah, okay I made up that word) of HornyBoy.com..."
Apr '05 | Freshmen Magazine
"Coming to the rescue of good posture and frustrated mouths everywhere is a fairly new autofellatio site that shows every sign of becoming an internet classic..."
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