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Frat Boy Gets Milked
Frat Boy Gets Milked Horny Boys Photo
Dude gets tied up and humiliated in the classroom. He gets his dick pumped with a milker until it squirts a creamy boy load.
Nov 10, 2005
[Horny Boys]
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HornyBoy's Lazy Afternoon
HornyBoy's Lazy Afternoon Autofellatio Photo
HornyBoy spends a quiet Saturday afternoon riding on his razor board and reflecting outside. When he's tired he goes inside to play with himself and suck on his own wiener. There's no cumshot in this set, cuz Horny got sleepy and took a nap instead.
Nov 03, 2005
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Milk or Cream?
Milk or Cream? Horny Boys Photo
Tony likes lots of milk in his cereal. Sometimes the milk is not enough though, and he likes to add some of his own cream.
Oct 27, 2005
[Horny Boys]
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Coffee with Cream
Coffee with Cream Horny Boys Photo
Tony gets a little frisky during his morning routine. He can't resist adding a little extra cream to his morning coffee.
Oct 20, 2005
[Horny Boys]
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Peter, Peter, Penis Eater
Peter, Peter, Penis Eater Autofellatio Photo
Peter is HornyBoy fan and created these images himself just for our members. He's a hot and horny dude who just loves to selfsuck and eat his own huge thick wads of cum. He never gets enough of his own huge dick and creamy man wads.
Oct 13, 2005
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Auto Fan
Auto Fan Autofellatio Photo
Young Ethan is a big fan of "Auto" Art, and shows us one of the paintings in his collection. It turns out he's also a big fan of another kind of "Auto" as he demonstrates by tasting his own penis.
Oct 06, 2005
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Cum Canyon
Cum Canyon Boy On Boy Photo
A group of college buddies take a canyon hike and stop at a nearby inn to rest. Two of them get a room and do a lot more together than rest. One of their buddies barges in and catches them and forces his way into the action. Nice bareback and oral and facial cum shots.(video captures)
Sep 30, 2005
[Boy On Boy]
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Seth Shows Off his Wiener
Seth Shows Off his Wiener Twink Studs Photo
Just a really cute boy with a really nice penis, showing us what he's got and popping a cum load.
Sep 29, 2005
[Twink Studs]
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Tasting My Own Pee Pee
Tasting My Own Pee Pee Autofellatio Photo
Ethan was recently in an "auto" accident and broke his arm. He was bed ridden for a week, so now he's horny as hell. Now that he's recovered and alone, he's got a lot of catching up to do with himself! Watch him sample his own goodies.
Sep 22, 2005
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Boy 18...Needs Cock!
Boy 18...Needs Cock! Horny Boys Photo
Ethan just turned 18 and he's horny as hell for some cock! Check him out as he tries desperately to suck his own fresh huge meat. He can't quite make it, but squirts a nice boy load on his chest and mouth.
Sep 15, 2005
[Horny Boys]
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Straight Boys Stray
Straight Boys Stray Boy On Boy Photo
Tim and Ray are both straight and never met each other before today. They both came to audition for a "straight" flick, but after the photographer gets them drunk and horny, they can be convinced to try each other out. (Captures from the video)
Sep 08, 2005
[Boy On Boy]
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MopHead Tastes His Wiener
MopHead Tastes His Wiener Autofellatio Photo
Cute long haired boy plays with himself and tastes his own goods. He's a flexible dude that can put his legs behind his head.
Sep 01, 2005
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The Rent Collector
The Rent Collector HornyToons Photo
Autofellatio Adventures, Episode 8 of HornyBoy's original selfsucking cartoon series. This scene is also available in Live Action Video.
Aug 28, 2005
Images: 10
Apple Sucker
Apple Sucker Twink Studs Photo
Joe get's horny at the drop of a hat. Eating a green apple at the kitchen table gets him worked up, so he plays and jacks off on top the kitchen table.
Aug 18, 2005
[Twink Studs]
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Cummy Tongue
Cummy Tongue Horny Boys Photo
Chuck has a ball jacking off and shoots a big thick wad all over the counter. He got a real kick out of it when we asked him to run his tongue through it and taste his own spermy goodness.
Aug 04, 2005
[Horny Boys]
Images: 134
Spermy Play
Spermy Play Twink Studs Photo
David is a little cutie that likes to play with himself and his sperm. He creams the table and then plays with the gooey wad. Check out this delicious creamy wad.
Jul 28, 2005
[Twink Studs]
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SleepOver Boy On Boy Photo
It started out as an innocent sleepover at a buddy's house, but one thing soon leads to another with frisky young guys. These boys can't control their urges and soon begin turning tricks together, and exploring each others' most private male places.
Jul 21, 2005
[Boy On Boy]
Images: 127
Tasting My Babies
Tasting My Babies Horny Boys Photo
Lelo returns for another session of solo sex and beggin' for his own cock. He's been practicing but he still can't reach his own dick, so he settles for tasting more of his baby seed.
Jul 14, 2005
[Horny Boys]
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Drinking Buddies
Drinking Buddies Boy On Boy Photo
Two tasty young pals are drinking together and get a little too drunk. One thing leads to another and soon they are going way too far!
Jul 07, 2005
[Boy On Boy]
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HornyBoy Goes to Hollywood 2
HornyBoy Goes to Hollywood 2 Autofellatio Photo
More video captures from the adventures of HornyBoy taking his first trip to Hollywood. Lots of selfsucking and a self oral & facial cumshot.
Jun 23, 2005
Images: 160
HornyBoy Goes to Hollywood
HornyBoy Goes to Hollywood HornyToons Photo
Autofellatio Adventures, Episode 7 of HornyBoy's original selfsucking cartoon series. This scene is also available in Live Action Video.
Jun 22, 2005
Images: 10
Hot, Red, and Uncut
Hot, Red, and Uncut Horny Boys Photo
Horny young Ivan is back sexing himself up again. He loves to lie on his back and shoot a fresh load onto his chest and face while other guys watch.
Jun 16, 2005
[Horny Boys]
Images: 116
HornyBoy Goes to Hollywood 1
HornyBoy Goes to Hollywood 1 Autofellatio Photo
Video captures from the real life adventure of HornyBoy taking his first trip to Hollywood as the new model for HornyBoy. He is double jointed and really loves his own body and sucking his own cock. (video captures)
Jun 10, 2005
Images: 160
Ricky Returns
Ricky Returns Autofellatio Photo
Back by popular demand, it's Horny selfsucker Ricky, from the Sex-Ed video. Ricky is horny as ever, sucking his own wiener for all it's worth!
Jun 02, 2005
Images: 144