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Auto Fellatio 2

Video Review by The Horny Critic
Auto Fellatio 2
Starring Kole Youngblood, Joey Stevens, Travis Thomas and Todd Stevens
1998, Directed by Edward James, Pacific Sun Entertainment, 1 hr.

This is the middle child of Edward James’ classic Auto Fellatio series from the late nineties starring four muscular dudes who love to suck on their own cocks and deliver hefty self facials. Featuring a good balance of varying types, headliners Kole Youngblood and Todd Stevens steal the show and burn across the screen in a selfsuck frenzy that’s a real treasure for auto fellatio freaks.

Scene 1 - Kole Youngblood
Stand back as sultry Latin boy Kole Youngblood unzips his fly and unleashes a huge, long, thick monster that will make you weep. Kole is simply a beautiful boy with great skin, a sexy face, lips that’ll make ya quiver, a chiseled tan body, and a cock that is sublime. Every move Kole makes is hot, and that includes some serious stroking, rubbing, and tit play. The selfsucking material here is exceptional. Kole has an incredibly photogenic cock which looks perfect from just about any angle, and with lips like his, a monkey with a super 8 camera of the 1950s could shoot good footage of him. We get to see Kole going at himself from a wide variety of perspectives and it never gets tiring. He clearly loves his own cock as we get countless moments of him simply drooling over it, gazing at it, wanting it. Lucky for him and us, he can do more than just want it. By the time he can’t hold it in any longer, neither can the viewer. He delivers a boiling hot load of cum onto his face and tongue in one of the all time great self facials in auto fellatio porn history.

Scene 2 - Joey Stevens
Here comes ultra beefy football player Joey Stevens who starts his workout with a good rubdown and some touchy feely. Joey is an atypical porn performer. He is extremely large and bulky and has a rather small ding dong (isn’t that what they say about most football players? Big bod, tiny weewee?). Though Joey is definitely a type that will not appeal to everyone, this critic has to admit that the self facial he delivers at the end of the sequence is rather tasty. Unfortunately, what precedes it is nothing to write mama about, so this scene will likely only do it for you if you find Joey really, and I mean really attractive. Look at it this wayhe’s cuter than Chance (*gag*) Caldwell.

Scene 3 - Travis Thomas
A total contrast to Joey, here’s Travis...blonde, lean, and hung like a banshee. Settle in for some private bed time with Travis as he launches into a quiet and personal cock play session. More a selflicker than a selfsucker, Travis has a challenging time giving himself head. It’s clearly a strain for him, but nevertheless, it’s fun to watch him lap at himself and stroke on a very thick and very appealing dick. While Travis’ charisma is lacking, this scene overall has some good material and many fine camera angles to capture the action nicely. Keeping in tradition with each scene in this vid, Travis gives himself a gooey facial, and it’s definitely worth the trip.

Scene 4 - Todd Stevens
The legendary, the studly, the simply pretty Todd Stevens is here to provide the big finish. Todd is one of those rare stars of magnificence with such amazing screen presence that he need only sit on a sofa and grope his jeans to get the viewer twitterpated. A flawless beauty with an adorable face and sweet eyes, he naturally also carries a hard, lean body and one helluva massive cock. He possesses great erotic energy and it’s tough to take your eyes off him. Adding some intrigue and suspense to the mix, Todd works himself up gradually before actually licking his dick. He jacks off, slowly, teasing, every now and then trying to reach his dick with his tongue, but not quite yet. There are many moments of him simply staring at his cock while he strokes it, like it’s the Holy Grail or the meaning of life to him. As with other auto fellatio productions in which Todd has appeared, he adds a high dose of class and smoldering sensuality, not to mention a higher dose of baby batter that he shoots into his own mouth. This is a fine close to a fine production.

Final - Like its predecessor and follow-up, Auto Fellatio 2 remains one of the selfsuck porn classics simply by way of its focus and purpose. While all three in the Auto Fellatio series have their flaws, ultimately what’s hot is hot and there’s a lot of it here. With Kole Youngblood and Todd Stevens holding up the structure, the other scenes could star Daffy Duck "quacking" himself and it really wouldn’t make a difference. Simple translation = this one is highly recommended.

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